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We have been supplying industries of all kinds with all of their airtool needs since 1975. At Henry Tools selling products is not our number one goal; it is more important that we fulfill our customer's needs. We manufacture multiple pneumatic tool grinders and chipping hammers that we can customize to meet our customers individual requirements.

1. Tools that have been damaged and are in need of repair frequently need parts. This section of the site is designed to make finding the right parts to order both rapid and efficient.

2. Locate in the list below for the exact model of the tool, and click on the PDF file icon to the right of it. The print for the tool will be displayed. (Adobe Reader is required).

3. Use the print to determine the Part Number of the component to be ordered and replaced.


Henrytools provides complete air tool repair, maintenance, and testing on all the tools we manufacture. We certify that all completed repairs comply with all safety standards.

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Model 65VBW air saw Henrytools model.


Industrial Air Saws (4 H.P.)
Model 65VBW Air Saw Henrytools model Front view.
Model 65VBW Air Saw equipped with 12" Guard.
  • Tool is available with either a 12" wheel guard for 0"-4" cutting depth or a 14" wheel guard for 0"-5" cutting depth.
  • Slip-fit motor design assures simple maintenance.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel governor keeps the tool at a steady R.P.M. while maintaining maximum power.
  • Spade-Grip throttle control.
  • Featuring the Super-powerful Henrtyools (4 H.P.) motor.
Model 65VBW air saw Henrytools model.
65-VBW Rear view
Model 65VBW Series Air Saws (4 H.P.)
Model Guard Size Maxiumum
Depth of Cut
Air Saw Blade Diameter Speed Weight Inlet Size Hose Size Rated Power Working Air Consumption Parts Print
65VBWF 12 Inch
3.3 Inch
12 Inch
(300 mm)
4000, 5000 or 6000RPM (Standard) 28.3 Lb.
1/2" 1/2" 4.0 H.P.
40 cfm
(18.9 L/s)Free Speed
75 cfm (35.4 L/s) Max
65VBWM 14 Inch
4.3 Inch
14 Inch
(360 mm)
4000, 5000 or 6000RPM (Standard) 30.9 Lb.
1/2" 1/2" 4.0 H.P.
40 cfm
(18.9 L/s)Free Speed
75 cfm (35.4 L/s) Max


Standard Equipment

  • Air Saw
  • Operating Instructions and Service Manual
  • 2 Inch Wrench
  • 1 arbor flange


Working Air Consumption: 40 cfm (18.9 L/s)Free Speed / 75 cfm (35.4 L/s) Max

Recommended working air pressure: 90 p.s.i.


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